The birth of a World Championships club.
This was the first world championships that Johnny and Fredner visited before the rest of the gang joined them.

Why did Johnny, Fredner and also Johnnys cousin Jerry go to this championships? Well, the answer is simple. The champs this year was located in the biggest and best cultural capitol when it comes to BEER!! And it is of course also the main reason why these three dudes got themselves into Fredners Honda Civic and headed for Munich.
If we are gonna be a little bit truthful here, all of this would never have happened if it hadn't been for Johnnys crazy cousin Jerry. Fredner suggested that we were to go to the champs that was about to start the next day way down in like... Germany. Sure, we said. That could be a cool thing to do. Then we didn't talk about it anymore.
The next day is Jerry knocking on the door and has everything packed and asks "Well, are we going then?" "Eeh, what?" we said. "The world championships in Hockey! Didn't we agree that we should go?!" "Hmm, that's right" we said. I mean, who wants to be the dropout when it comes to party! So we called Fredner and asked him "Where are you!!! We have to go soon!!!" "What" he says "The championships?, Yes that's true" he continued.
Eleven hours later, we were in Munich!

When it came to buying tickets to the games, Johnny came up with the perfect solution. We went to the police or the guards that were very willing to be persuaded by Johnny that we have had our tickets stolen or lost or something. And since we were so very friendly, we were let in to the games without paying anything!

As always we went to the champs without having somewhere to stay, and were to pennywise to stay at a hotel. So, what were we to do? Of course you try to pick up some girl to live with during the champs. Can say that swedish au-pairs are very nice "objects" for these purposes ;) The problem though is when they don't appear at night when one wants to come into the apartment and sleep, then one has to sleep outside the door... But they let us in in the morning though.

The world championships in iche hockey 1993 became the start for a club that nowadays consists of eight members that are doing their best to create party and socialize with other fans during this event.

Fredner is partying inside the beertent that was located by the arena. Here he is together with hundreds of supporters from the different participating countries.



The limbo-train is moving around inside the beerhall and the german tyroler-music is roaring over the fans that have gathered to party during the championships.
Fredner (framed) realises that this is an event that he will make a tradition of going to in the years to come. A decision that ment the birth of a new championships-club one year later during the championships in Italy 1994.
Jerry is moving along right behind Fredner.

Svea Svin rates The world championships in Germany 1993:

München was one of the better Champs that we have attended (except Italy and Austria that were the best ones). Foremost it was because the great weather that was super during the entire championships. München is also a town that really is a great partytown! So with other words, a PERFECT town to locate the world championships in ice hockey!

The spirit amongst all the fans were very, very good this year, and right outside the arena there was a huge beertent and also a big park where one could lay and sleep or just relax in the grass. After every game we went into town with the subway, marching on to Hofbrauhaus. There did the partying continue until we became too drunk.

The place where we did spend most of our time though was Löwenbräukeller. After that we on a regular basis were denied entry at Hofrauhaus, we started going to "Löwen" instead. The best thing about "Löwen" was that they kept count on how many beers one had been drinking by putting small lines on the beercovers on the table. So... if one changed table and table covers... then you could get drunk really cheap :)

To make a short summary of the World championships in Ice hockey in Germany it is as follows:

Fredner thinks that all World champs should go in Germany or Italy! Why? Well it's pretty obvious. If you have once been in this great Bavarian town, with its wonderful climate, culture, and spirit then Munich in a 10-pointer.

Johnny also thinks that the champs could be held more consequently in Munich. No town has been better and everything that you want is there! Cheap nightfood too... But he thinks that it would have been boring in the long run. He would miss Vienna and is really looking forward going to Praha in 2004!

The germans really did everything to make this world champs as great as possible. This championships has been known by us and many others that were thre as "The best world championship that I have ever attended!!"

Because of all this we give the World Championships in Ice Hockey 1993 in Germany a 9 out of 10 possible.