The Ice Hockey World Championships in Stockholm, what was it going to be like?
We were looking forward to the Championships in Stockholm since we had only existed as a World Champions club for a year. The two Championships that we visited last year and the year before that had been soo great. How could this be anything different?
Well, lots of thoughts and the attitude was despite all that “A World Championships in Sweden can never be so good as it was in 1993 and 1994”. But we decided to have an open mind about it, and maybe it could be fun to see the Swedish team play on its home ground. And maybe, just maybe the curse would break that has been like a shadow over the World Championships since 1986 and that says “No team can take the Gold in their own Championships”.

We did not do any trip to the Championships this year and therefore none of the pics here are our own, but are completely donations from outsiders.


Stockholm Globe arena. The new Swedish national arena that was built specially for the last time Sweden hosted the Championships that were in 1989.


Göran, Nilses and Briza (from Czechia) are posing in the summer heat. But why is Nilses wearing a Blue and White hockey jersey?

Incredible but true. It is
Briza on the right! With beard and all. One hardly recognises the guy.


Inside the Globe arena the crowd is keeping the spirit high. Here are the Czech supporters.

…and also outside the Globe the Czechs made sure that the mood was kept at a high level.


Swedish supporters are holding their beers in a firm and steady (well, maybe not) grip.

Full speed ahead during game.
Here during the game CZE-fin.


Nilses, Göran, unknown, Briza and Annika inside the beer tent after the game Czechia against finland.

Even “The German” was on location in Stockholm. “The German” is s great and funny dude that, despite that he is all-German, always supports Sweden and its national Hockey team.
This is a true hardcore Tre Kronor supporter.


One thing that the organisers really managed to fix the way it shall be was the huge beer tent that was located in direct connection to the Globe arena. Very good motion inside and it was not hard at all to flirt with the girls that were working in the different bars. Nice!


We don’t know if it is temporary blindness because of too much drinking of homemade alcohol or just pure confusion. But all the attempts from Briza to appear cool is spoiled by the fact that he has put on his jersey backwards…

Briza and Göran during a break on the way to Gävle that was the second city that hosted the World Championships in 1995.


Svea Svin rates the IIHF World Championships in Ice Hockey 1995:

Motivation: Unfortunately our worst fears came true during the Championships in 1995. We saw a complete lack of interest from the organisers to make this event as nice as possible. The most important for the Swedish Hockey association seems to have been to lick ass on sponsors and the people from the IIHF and not make a pleasant experience for the supporters. In other words, we who spend our own money and geeks this event going on our own free time we weren’t interesting during the event in 1995. Apart from the mandatory beer tent there were no-thing! Ok, there was something that they called "Hockey night club". But we don’t know. Listening to yesterday’s Swedish artists and Swedish dance bands doesn’t feel like… World Championships to us.
Besides this, we were also worried what the so-called “surprises” were. Getting your face beaten beyond recognition by the door guards or?

The World Championships in 1995 became a “non-championships” on our behalf. Mostly because we didn’t arrange any trip to Stockholm but also because the motion out by the Globe arena sucked plenty! The Nordic countries have so very much to learn from their colleagues in the central-European countries when it comes to how to arrange these kind of events so that it is FUN!

We do therefore in our most humble way ask the IIHF that the World Championships never NEVER again shall be hosted by countries located north of Denmark.


Hockey night club sounds like fun... NOT!


In direct connection to the Globe arena was a huge beer tent localised with a stage and sale of warm beer in plastic cups and sandwiches. In other words the way we expect things to be. Very good! Unfortunately one was not allowed to dance at the tables and there were only plastic chairs to sit on. This lowers the rating a lot!
Otherwise there were nothing located around the Globe arena except for a small “beer-drinking park”.


The World Championships in 1995 was well organised. No fuzz with the schedule or other strange changes of plans.
It was not good and not bad. We therefore give a “5” rating for this.


That it is stupid to use drugs and dangerous to take steroids (also known as “Penis-shrinkers” by normal human beings) is something that the “guards” working at the beer-tent must have missed at school.
These steroid-broilers of retards seem to have been hired for the sole purpose to make the life of supporters as miserable as possible during the Championships. And they did a very good job at this.
We don’t know how many times we witnessed people getting beaten up by these junkies for absolutely no reason at all. These wannabe cops that with pupils 1 mm big screaming at people “HAVEYOUBEENDRINKINGORWHAT!!!” when going into the tent.
No, here’s the long finger right in your face, and may you losers that never made it into the Police academy due to drug use and a weak intellect BURN IN HELL!!!


The number of souvenirs sold during the World Championships in 1995 was ok. Pins, caps, scarves, towels and stuff were sold at over prize, just as always. The only problem was that the number of shops that sold souvenirs was very limited so that it was only time to buy stuff before or after the games. In other words, when one is as most drunk.

The two, according to us, most important souvenirs that must be sold during the Championships,

This year’s scarf was a well-made thing with good quality. It doesn’t match the quality of last years scarf though.
It is 133 cm in length and is therefore almost not usable as a real scarf. It is also bad that there is nothing on it that says that it is from the World Championships in 1995 since it lacks both logo and/or mascot. We also think that is was bad that there were no scarves made for other supporters than the Swedish ones since “Team Sweden” was the only one made.
(Point with your mouse to see the reverse side of the scarf)

There were no patches made for the World Championships in 1995 and that is a pure “scandal” since this is a given success when it comes to sales figures. Maybe the organisers didn’t want to make money or something, we have no idea.
But there were some patches made that were given to the IIHF-delegates and to some of the staff of the organising committee. These huge patches (100x105 mm) are some of the most rare patches from the World Championships ever

The weather during the events in 1995 was ok. It was normal pre-summer weather that didn’t make it too hard to sit out and get drunk or inside the tent for that matter. Unfortunately the entire Globe-area seems to be built like a huge wind tunnel, which always makes it very windy there. This is something that everyone that ever has visited the Globe area has noticed. Thick underwear was sometimes necessary

If YOU have pictures or home-made film/pics from the World Championships in 1995, please contact Gabbe. He is paying €1/minute of film from the championships in Stockholm 1995.

Those who have helped us with pics for this report is on our Thanks-page.