The World Championships in Austria was the most well-organised that we have been to som far. We had now learned how, when, where, what and why. The number of pics from this championship is extensive, very extensive! It was during this championship that Svea Svin got the crew it has to this day when Patrik joined in as a great person to our happy gang. Those of you that knows us personally knows that it is Patrik that always acts as the "driver" for the rest of us at these championships. Johnny and Fredner are always to drunk to drive and Gab, well he hasn´t got a driving license at all so it isn´t talk about letting him drive anyway. The championships in Vienna was a real killer-championship where we once again met lots of new and old friends, most of them from the championships in Italy two years earlier. All of the pics on the Austria-site comes from Patrik.

The "crew" has taken position in Gothenburg. Sober and unpolluted by alcohol. A sight that will not be seen anymore during the next two weeks. The housecar in the background was to be our home during the championships and it was from this that the partying started almost every day, not just for us but also for some of the swedish (and foreign) fans that understood who it was to stick to when it came to partying.
We in Svea Svin always like to take a social responsability and has therefore decided to actively support the workers in the European brewery-business. Here have we just had our shirt-takeon in the cabin and has purchased some beers to drink during the championships in Vienna.

As we said, one has to fill up with taxfree beer when we once have decided to go away.

After this we partied the whole night on the boat and for some insane reason we have no pics at all from this great occation, DAMNED PATRIK!!! But according to unconfirmed roumours there is this chick in northern Norway(!) that has some pics of us when we act beautiful but we will have to get back to that later. If we manage to find her then we will of course add those pics to the site - you can be sure of that. We ain´t ashamed of ANYTHING!!!

In the morning Gab and Patrik found Fredner sleeping up in the restaurant where we had been partying the night before. Here has he just woken up and realises that the viking-helmet that he has had special-made was gone. This led to that Fredner litterally turned the restaurant upside-down until he found the helmet. The staff in the restaurant screamed and yelled when they saw what had happened, but by then we were since long gone...
Fredner somewhere along the Autobahn wiht his drum an helmet in place and with his belly filled with Beer.
During the championships in Italy we med two very symathic dudes form the promised land of the Finns. Here are we picking up one of them - Muppa - in Fulda on the way down. Muppa was to be a just as good party-person as the rest of us. On the pic you see Fredner and in the background Gab and Johnny that is talking to Muppa.