Finally it was time for yet another World Championships in Ice hockey together with all our great friends. It was to become a very special championship, not just because it was the first time for most of us to visit Russia, but also because Svea Svin this year was to try and organise the whole trip. Jesus, how was this to end? But after a lot of problems with hotels, visas, and airline tickets we got there. It was to become a Championship that none of us had ever experienced before...
Patrik had very strict rules to follow this year: Don´t take so many pics of different strange stuff, but focus instead in taking cool pics!!!

Gabbe is ready to go on the morning of the 28:th. We had decided to go two days before Sweden was to play so that we had time to get organised over there.
Let´s party and behave like never before!!! I mean, we are going to the country that really put Vodka on the map.
Gabbe and Kire on the airport coach heading for Arlanda Airport to meet the rest of "Travel Group Svea Svin". Kire is the latest member in Svea Svin and he looks really hopeful. Kire attended his first Championship in Stockholm in 1995 and he proved to be a VERY good add-on to the rest of us in the Drunkest Icehockey fanclub in Sweden.
At Arlanda we met the rest of the guys. From left to right we see Lilleman, Lillis, Johnny, Orming, Gabbe and Fredner who is sitting down taking a rest. He wasn´t too sober at this occation, but you have to start early if you are to get drunk in time for the evening.
At the check-in we see 65 Nilses in his "Foppa" shirt with number 21 and to the right of him half of Bergmans head is visible, to the right of Bergman is Lillemans wives Granfather, 82, between Johnny and Fredner is Reine who attended for the first time and on the far right is Tina who has attended since 1994 in Italy.
Finally in the deparurehall. We are of course gathering around the bar like the wannabe-alcoholics we are to get some ber inside the body before taking off. Lilleman looks tired but happy, ´cause with a beer in the hand the Championships can start!
Johnny, Gabbe and Kire is looking forward to a "great" flight to St. Petersburg.
...But, what the heck? Didn´t we tell Patrik NOT TO TAKE SHITPICS!!! What is this, what does it say, why doesen´t he listen??? Unbelivable that we always have to nag!
Oh well, the food on the plane did go down without having to fight the barf-reflex too often, but pocket-warm beer makes us not to choose Pulkova Airlines next year.