The World Championship in Moscow. Ok, what were we to think about this, what were our expectations? We had lots of questions but no answers. The only thing that we knew was that none of us had ever been to Moscow before and therefore we had no expectations. For us it was like travelling with blindfolds.

We were better prepared this year than we were seven years ago. Back then we got our visas 2 hours before takeoff from Sweden. This yeas the visas arrived 23 hours before, our tickets for the flight almost 6 days before and the hostel was paid for an incredible 20 (twenty) days before leaving Sweden! Almost a little bit too organised if one asks us.

So, we got into our hockey gear, put our packaging on our backs and headed up to Arlanda airport for transport to Moscow and the 14:th Ice Hockey World Championships for Svea Svin.
Holy shit what a trip this would be…

For the fifth time in the history of our support group it is time to take a flight to the championship. We were badly prepared and very sceptical. As always

At the same pub inside the airport where we were seven years ago, but of course back then there were more of us.

Nilses on the airplane. 2.5 hours to go. His “travel companion” looks a little… sceptic to the person sitting next to her. We understand her concerns.
Papers, papers, papers to fill in before being granted entry into the Labour class paradise. Amazing that it has to be so hard…
Later at night, time to visit Thank God It´s Friday and there we ran into people of the kind that your mother warned you about before leaving. They wanted to buy us beer and alcohol and of course we didn’t think twice about that! It was lots of fun, until we more or less passed out.


Ladda hem QuickTime player här.

If we are in Moscow then goddamnit we are going to party!!
Time for game! Sweden against finland in the afternoon. The flag is up, Nilses had gotten hold of replicas of traditional Swedish army uniforms from the 1700:s and we were to “wear them in” so to say. It was like made for a great hockey party!
Out by Mytischi arena with newly purchased scarves and beer.
Photo opt with some Russians outside the arena
All right, obviously the drum was a threat to the security so that one did we have to leave outside, and there’s also not possible to buy beer or any kind of alcohol inside the arena at all!!!
What the fuck is this?
Warming up before the game.
Of course we run into Ellu and her friends from finland. They were just as disappointed as we were on all this shit.
Humdiddli hum, well this was funny. No beer, no alcohol, no drum, nothing! Is this really what we have been looking forward to for over a year?

Ladda hem QuickTime player här.

Never mind, just as god to go to Borat Bar and get drunk. Sweden won (as we always does) against the finnish kittens and at least that gave us reason to start getting drunk.
Inside Borat Bar Nilses is keeping the high profile on the dance floor. Amazing that this guy can just go and go and go, like a machine. Hour after hour!