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Latest updates.
Here you can easy see the latest updates and changes that is made to the Svea Svin-site.
The links will remain for about a month for easy navigation.


  • Created links to our reports from 2007 in Russia and 2008 in Canada


  • Remade the header on the report from Canada so it don´t look so "shopped off" on the right and bottomside.


  • Added the report from Canada.
  • Updated the Thanxpage.


  • Sweden are no longer Olympic champions so I removed the badge for that on the indexpage.


  • Published the report from Moscow
  • Updated the Thanx-page
  • Updated the Media page
  • Updated memberinfo on the indexpage.


  • The indexpage now counts down to the World Championsips in 2009.


  • Updated the logo on the indexpage for the World Chamionships 2010 in Germany.


  • Changed all text on the report from 2004 to Arial so it is easier to read.


  • Fixed so that the navigationmenu on the report from 2005 looks the same as it does on the other reports from 2003 and forward.


  • Fixed stuff on the mediapage:
  1. The linkbox on top looks like the rest of the links on the english pages.
  2. Made the page XHTML 1.0 compatible.
  3. Fixed the logo for Kölner Stadt anzeiger from 2001 so that it now is actually possible to see that it is theirs.
  4. Added a clip from the Championships in 2005.
  5. Added a clip from 2003.
  6. Divided the different years the same way as on the Swedish page that makes it easier to separate the years from eachother.
  7. Added a pressclip from 1994. The first time that we are in the nexspapers!
  • Made small adjustments to the Webmasters page.
  • Made small adjustments to the Thanks page.
  • Updated the report from 2003 in finland with some changes to the layout and also added a clip from the Quarterfinal fin-SWE.


  • Added the finnish flag to the World championships list on the indexpage since they got the World Championships in 2012.
  • Updated memberinfo for Gabbe, Patrik and Nilses on the indexpage.
  • Changed the counter on the indexpage so that it counts down to the World Championships in 2008 in Canada.


  • Added a video that sums up the World Championships in 2006 in a very good way.


  • The logo on the indexpage of the report from the Championships in 2003 in finland was missing and I fixed that.


  • Uploaded a logo in better quality for the World Championships in 2008 on the indexpage.
    People have written to us and commented that "The report from 2004 might be funny but it is so terrible designed so that I just didn't care about reading it." So now the whole report from the World Championships in 2004 is redesigned.


  • Added, and made it work properly, the logos for the Ice Hockey World Championships 2009, 2010 and 2011 on our indexpage. And also removed the promotionbanner for the Website makeover for the World Championships in 1995 on the same page.


  • Added the logo for the World Championships 2008 on the indexpage.


  • Fixed som nicer looking flags to the list of Swedish Hockey Golds.


  • WEBSITE MAKEOVER! World Championships 1995 remade. Check it out now!
  • Fixed the linkboxes on the various pages.
  • Added a background picture to the countdown to Russia on the mainpage.
  • Added a film from the finals in 2001 when the Czechs whipped finnish ass.
  • Updated the Thankspage.
  • Made some designfixes to the linkspage.
  • Updated the infopage and changed the emailaddress since the one there was not the one that we use.
  • Fixed some design- and infostuff on the faq-page and changed the e-mail address to the one that we currently use.
  • Made all pages except the indexpage XHTML 1.1 compliant.
    The Reports from the World Championships 1994-2004 are not affected by the conversion to XHTML.


  • Added a counter to the mainpage.
  • Added a new guestbook since the old one was so crappy!


  • As the very first website IN THE WORLD, we have published the logo for the IIHF World Championships in Slovakia in 2011 on our mainpage.
  • It is now possible to view the logos that have been official for upcoming World Championships on our mainpage which was not possible before. Just move the pointer over the different flags.
  • All the films from the World Championships in 2005 and 2006 shall now work in Internet Explorer for Windows.
  • Uploaded the new official logo/logos for the World Championships 2007 to the mainpage.


  • Published the full report from Riga.
  • Updated the Thanks-page.


  • Fixed so that the films from 2005, that in some case was not shown as supposed to, now works. The problem was only visible for those of you that runs Internet Explorer for Windows. The Class id was changed from:
    02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B to
    D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000 to accomplish this.
    (You are really interested in that, right!)


  • Finally published the report from the World Championships in Vienna 2005.
  • Updated the Thanx page.
  • Updated the index page.


  • Fixed the indexpage so that it now works properly.


  • Updated the members info on the index-page.


  • FINALLY added the (translated) report from the World Championships in Ice Hockey in 2004.
  • The Guestbook is finally up and running again.


  • Added our newest member "Maria" to the member-list.
  • Fixed the countdown to Latvia 2006.
  • Removed the infopages for the Champs in 2004 and 2005.
  • Updated the membership info on the members that attended the World Champs in Austria.


  • Our guestbook is once again "up and running".


  • Updaterd the personal information about Patrik, Gabbe and Pernilla on the mainpage.


  • Published the report from The World Championships in finland
  • Thanked the people that helped us wit the report
  • Changed the colour on the links palette.


  • Fixed some odd code on the english startpage. And I also updated the information on the members that were in finland during the World Champs there.


  • Fixed tons of bad spelling on the pages from Denmark.


  • The links-page was partially in swedish(?) and fixed it.


  • Updated the member information on the mainpage.


  • Our old site was shut down forever.
  • Published by midnight. The first big update to the site since it was first published on the web at the 17:th of Januari 1999.
  • Published the World Champs in 1993.
  • Thanked Jörgen for the help with the pics from 1993.


  • Changed some syuff after some selected people had been commenting some errors on the new site.


  • Published the entire site at
  • Did some oline testing .


  • The only e-mailadress that works from now on when contacting Svea Svin are


  • Fixed all the fucked-up links on the site for the Championships in Sweden next year.


  • Lufthansa choosed Nilses when it came to have a supporter promoting a contest. The clip is on the Media-page.


  • Made it possible to view our website in German and French.


  • Finally published the whole story from The Championships in Germany
  • Published mediaclips from Germany
  • Added info on the thanx-page


  • Rearranged some links on the site to different pics. But nothing that anyone will ever notice except me when I update and everything is easier.


  • Now FINALLY shall this damned mediapage work!!!


  • Added information about the World Championships in Sweden.


  • Added Mastarcupen to Svea Svin is testing.


  • The mediapage was a mess of broken links and other stuff so I fixed all that.
  • The webmasters page had the same link as "Testing???" and this was fixed.


  • Some of the links on the 1994-site was broken and the entire 1994-site works just fine now.
  • And so does the 1996-site.
  • Together with the 1997-site.
  • Fixed some strange HTML-code on the 1998-site.
  • And did the same on the 1999-site.
  • Fixed some misspellings on the 2000-site.
  • Some stuff on the 2001 section was in swedish and this was fixed.
  • Fixed some of the broken links on the links-page.

    I know that there are more problems that has to be fixed and I have identified them and will fix them as soon as possible.


  • Fixed the guestbook.


  • Added some more pics to Russia 2000.
  • Thanked Lillis on the Thanx page.


  • Fixed and corrected some misspellings and "strange" english on the english site. Both on some general pages and the site for Russia 2000.
  • Added the mediaclips from Norway 1999 and Russia 2000 on the Media-page.


  • Published info about the world championships in Germany in 2002 in both German and English.


  • Published the full story about our trip to The World Championships in Russia 2000.


  • Fixed all the broken links at "Svea Svin is testing". Both for Soccer and Karjala Cup.


  • Relaunched the site for Norway 1999.


  • Added Karjala Cup to Svea Svin is testing.

After having neglected the English version of the website, I made some changes to the site as follows:

  • Changed the layout to the Linx page and added some and erased some...
  • Added dates to all championships that we have attended.
  • Relaunched the Norway-site.
  • Made a new logo for Hockey Top 50 - Swedens most popular hockeysites. Click here to vote for us!


  • Added some comments at the end of the Norway-site.


  • Added some more pics to the Norway site.


  • Since the English version of the Guestbook almost never worked properly, I changed it so that the Guestbook for the Swedish and the English version of the site shares the same Guestbook (The Swedish one.)


  • Jeanette that we met during the Championships in Norway sends a mess and points out the fact that "Lemon tree" was performed by Fools garden and nothing else. Shanges this on the Austria-site.


  • The link to the news page was broken but was fixed.
  • The "Svea Svin is testing" opened in the wrong frame and was fixed.

04-09-99 - 06-09-99

  • Remade the entire structure of the site.
  • Ranked the Championships in Italy.
  • Ranked the Championships in Sweden.
  • Ranked the Championships in Austria.
  • Ranked the Championships in finland.
  • Ranked the Championships in Switzerland.
  • Added some more pics at the end of the Finnish site.
  • Reduced the size of all pics on the entire site to 340 pixels in width.
  • Added "Svea Svin is testing".
  • Made some layout changes on the mainpage.
  • Added some more pics to the Norway-site.
  • Realised that Gry Forsell works for TV3 and nothing else and fixed it on the Norway-site.
  • Added the "Vote for Svea Svin" button.


  • Added new pics to the mainpage and to the personal sites.


  • One of the links on the finnish site was broken, but is now fixed.
  • Added yet another link to a really GREAT webpage about Mats Sundin.


  • Started to test the Norway site by publishing it in "hidden mode".
  • Fixed some mess on the Links page.
  • Published the Norway-page!


  • Fixed some misspellings on several pages, changed some layout and fixed some strange HTML and lots of other stuff that no normal person will ever notice...


  • Added a guestbook.
  • Updated Patriks page and made it possible to e-mail him directly


  • Realised that some of the text on the Webmasters page was in swedish and hastly fixed this.
  • Added a "News" page.


  • Updated Fredners page so it is now possible to e-mail him directly.


  • Removed the "Before the championships in norway" links.
  • Added the "updates page"
  • Removed the "Latest updates" from the index page.
  • Moved the external links and the link to Ruskiga Rojarna to the "Linx" page.