The world Championships in finland in 1997 was a championship that once again was a little bad organized. It wasn´t until about two weeks before the championships were to start that we "found out" that we were acctually gonna to go to finland. We knew that all tickets had been sold out already before the World championships in Austria! But since we have such a great guy in Fredner, he was the person to make this event come true. So what happens? Well he manages in no time at all to get hold of tickets for the entire playoff-round for the four of us, rent a house-car (by the way the same one that we had the year before in Austria) and lots of other stuff. After some "If:s" and "But:s" we got there and it once again became a total success for The Swedish Pigs...
The pics on the finland-site is taken by Patrik and Gab.

A pretty unusual sight. Someone else but Patrik behind the wheels. Johnny is in command during the trip Gothenburg-Stockholm where Gab was to meet up with boat-tickets and other necessities.
Fredner is watching through Patriks photoalbum with pics from the championships the year before and appears to wonder: Gee, was I there? It really looks fun... Also note the regular beer that he is holding in a firm grip in his left hand.
Finally aboard the boat. It was really close that we missed it, but as usual it went well. Here is Gabbe and Fredner in a loud discussion with some finns (I guess they were) during the trip over.
Get down on the dancefloor! Lots of fans and the temperature is rising fast...
PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!! This has one been waiting for for almost an entire year.
PAAAAARTYYYY!!! To really understand the mood we were in when this picture-sequence was taken you should play "Back in the loop" with E-type at a loooud volume when looking at these pics.
And when everyone thought that everything had come to an end, one puts in the maximum overdrive... YYYYYYIIIIIIIAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOO!!!
The day after it feels nice to have Patrik as our driver since he doesen´t drink any Alcohol. He managed to get our car off from the boat, the question is how he managed to get the rest of us with him.
The first night is it embarrassely few swedish fans by the house-car. Two familiar faces though is Bergwall that is seen in the darkness waiving at the camera and his buddy Perra (with the back to the camera). These two are the true Veterans in this game. They have been visiting since the last time in Abo! Perra and Bergwall are part from being real Championships-fanatics also orthodox Leksand-supporters. About Perra one can say that he is without competition when it comes to having the ugliest shoes at the championships. A pair of blue/yellow-painted shoes - so ugly, but at the championships so very correct.
Once again The Swedish Pigs is helping out with painting faces. I also think that it acctually is the same colours that we used the year before that Johnny is using here. This girl had a terrible cold and her bloke just left her with us when he was to get into the arena to try and get some tickets for the game.
Gabbe at the arena with the car. It was extremely windy outside the arena so it wasn´t to easy to try and load-up before the games. But we managed anyway!
Fredner is not as dead-drunk as one might think. Nope, he is just loading his batteries before the game and has taken what we in this buissness calls "The Fredner position". This is a VERY common sight of Fredner during the championships!
The swedish coach, Kent Forsberg is instructing the team during the game Sweden... eeehhhhmmmmm... who knows?
Since the finnish organizers tried to follow the swedish example from 1995 the "supporter-controllers" inside the arena was very hostile and we were also prohibited to stand(?) inside the entire arena. This was later ignored by us fans, but until then we did as the people from "Jareryds Ordnung" said and sat down.
The old swedish Hockey-legend Hakan Sodergren is interviewing Kent Forsberg during a break in the game.
Tommy Salo! This of god to mankind given goalkeeper-gift. It is said that he has been seen walking on (not frozen) water and make lame people rise from their beds...