If the World Championships in finland was madly unorganized, it was nothing compared to the championships in Switzerland.

The four of us were prepared for the fact that we were not to take part in this championship for various reasons. What then happened was that Fredner who lived "closely" to Zürich since he was studying in Freiburg in southwestern Germany started to travel Freiburg-Zürich and was - as normal is - filmed by swedish television.
Gabbe was sitting at home in his sofa, saw this and with tears in his eyes slammed his fist in the table and with the voice of a drunk schouted "I´m goin´ down!"
Johnny unfortunately got down so late so he could only participate during the last two games.
Patrik tried to get down, but after having driven Johnny he stopped in Belgium.

This was as you see completely unorganized but we can only hope that it will be better in the future, but not too organized since we have other things to do then to organize trips to the championships.

After a long trip Johnny is taking a rest. It was a really great pre-summer night when this pic was taken and the excpectations on the upcoming championships were big. Due to certain circumstances Patrik was unable to continue with Johnny down to Zürich right after this photo was taken.
The thought was for Gabbe to travel Stockholm-Gothenburg by plane, Gothenburg-Kiel by boat Kiel-Hamburg and Hamburg-Zürich by train. But he was called up by Fredner when travelling Hamburg-Zürich and asked to stay a night in Freiburg and then go with Fredner to Zürich the day after which he did. After having missed to jump off at Freiburg (to much booze on the train) he had to go to Basel, and then go back to Freiburg. After this he ended up at one of Fredners favourite pubs in Freiburg where Fredner was a VERY familiar face. Here has Gabbe just gotten his first beer in Freiburg.
Here is Fredner loading his VW-bus with necessities on the night before the championships.
Finally down in Zürich. We met a familiar face down there from 1997 where we had been partying at the same pub in Abo. Well, Gert (from TV3) didn´t remember anything from this occation which maybe isn´t so strange considering the ammount of beer that he drank during this event...
This championship was also the one that Gabbe for the first time didn´t have the "viking-helmet" in plastic that was practice for him earlier. Instead he spraypainted his hair in the colors Yellow/Blue. If this was for the better is then something that one can discuss...
Inside our favourite schack in Zürich, Bierhalle Wolf. The staff was as nice as Rabiespolluted Pitbullterriers, but thanks to the livemusic consisting of a live "tyroler" band and the presence of lots of swedish supporters the spirit was always on top. Here we can see Bergwall on the right and "Norrland" at the left. But where the hell are their Hockey-shirts?
Huey and Duie, these two uniques in this buissness are having a great time inside "The Wolf".
Sometimes one feels just as sexy as one looks. It is amazing that a person can "go down" like this in such a short time. This pic is taken the second day in Zürich in the morning. Look and study! This is what can happen when you are travelling to the championships without being prepared... Get real Gabbe!!!
Fredner did as normal manage to get hold of cheaper living then the dump that he and Gabbe lived in during the first days in Zürich. He met this girl that woked at "Hotel Kronen" and since he managed to convince her that since we in the Swedish Pigs always are on TV and is often seen in the media, we should stay at her hotel at a lower cost. Well, she agreed on this! Here they are at the dining-room having breakfast. If it is an unusual sight to see us eat at all, it is unique to see us having breakfast.
Since we in The Swedish Pigs didn´t have a house-car with us, we were pre-partying with the rest of all the great swedish fans outside the arena. Here has Fredner in some way managed to get up at a construction to fix the Swedish banner on it. We who were there and who remembers how discustingly drunk Fredner was are still today amazed over that he didn´t fall down and killed himself.
Here are "The crew" outside the arena in Zürich. In hockeyshirts from left to right do we have: Gabbe, unknown, Perra (with the beer), Fredner, Duie (wearing a green cap), Jorgen (behind Duie in red cap), unknown, In white shirt do we have a dude that came down with his wife, note that he is a look-alike with the former swedish prime-minister Ingvar Carlsson! And on the right of him is "Norrland".
Before the game SWE-SWI. The Swiss team proved to be a very good team and they are really someting to watch out for at the oncoming championships.