IIHF World Championships in Ice Hockey 2003 - finland

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A World Championships in Ice Hockey in finland, how fun could it be? How fun does it sound? How fun was it the last time?
We had pretty good memories from the last time we were there in 1997, but we did feel a little bit bad about going anyway to finland this year.
The forehand information hd told us that there would not be any beertent in Åbo(?) something that of course existed during the World Champs in Stockholm 1995 and in Gothenburg 2002.
Maybe it was because of all the bad information that almost no one from Svea Svin (The Swedish Pigs) decided to go this year.
The number of pics in this years report are fewer than ever and that is because it was only Gabbe and Nilses that went to finland Not even Patrik went there and he isn’t the normal person to drop out.
Well, well despite all, some World Champs-veterans went over to this very strange country that once upon a time banned Donald Duck because he has no pants on (Yes, this is actually true!). And whose population that, according to us, thinks that a nice evening dress consists of a brown Adidas-overall and snowboots.
The posse that went to finland this year was except Gabbe: Jörgen, Lillis, Snibban, Snibben, Bergman, Perra, Dennis, and three more people that were to attend.
The World Championships in Ice Hockey in finland 2003.

On the boat.
After some pretty slow drinking at the Central station in Stockholm, we are on the boat. Jörgen and Lillis are checking out the cabins.
None of us trusted the finns to provide us with something else than their own terrible alcohol, so Jörgen made sure to fill up with enough beer and Vodka to last during our stay over in the east.
So damn fun!
After having listened to some terrible finns in the karaokebar that werer singing so lousy that Britney Spears sounds like Leonard Cohen we heard some Danish drunk voices that were shouting “Svea Svin!!!”. It was the people from Vojens IK in Denmark that we had visited the year before at the Fanmeeting in Denmark. A happy reunion and lotsa memories that had to be told once again.

The danes were very happy to once again, after five decades, play in the A-Pool of the World Champs.
The danes are really so super great to party with and it is a shame that they didn’t play in Åbo together with Sweden, because there aren’t any better partyanimails in the entire Northern-Europe!

It seems though that Gabbe might have to attend a course in diplomacy. Because Gabbe and the Danes started to argue which people that were the best looking. Gabbe claimed that the Swedes were the best looking with the argument the “Well, we have people like Vendela Kirsebom. And you have like… Mogens Glistrup!”
The Danes thought that it was a hell of a bad comparison, but agreed though that they’d rather woke up with Vendela on a saturday morning than Mr. Glistrup.

Vendela Kirsebom, Swedish
Mogens Glistrup, Danish

The trip over to finland went according to our plans. We became extremely drunk (and therefore very happy) as normal. We had met our buddies from Vojens in Denmark, so the motion were really on top when we were staggering down to our cabins. The feeling were like “Maybe this can actually be really fun after all!”