After having visited two World Champs that we thought were not so interesting, we were really expecting a LOT before the Champs in
The Champs in Gothenburg in 2002 was really a good one, do doubt about that but was played "at home" and the World Champs in finland sucked really, really BIG time that we will remember with disgust for many years to come.
In our travel-group we were a total of seven that went to see the starting and the playoff round in Ostrava. The chicks were to go only to the finals in Praha. Our expectations on how the Czechs had organised the Champs were sky high, especially after the miserable finnish Champs the year before. Also! now when we were travelling to one half of the former Czechoslovakia we didn't have to, in contrast to when we went to finland, have to adjust our watches to Eastern-European time. A small, but still interesting detail.

We really didn't become disappointed during the two weeks to come...

Gathering at Arlanda international and handing out tickets. Jörgen makes sure that all is done properly. He still is in good control... That was to change during the days to come.


Matte is getting hammered. Peter The Drunk still keeps a low profile.


Jörgen and matte at the transfer bus during the stop in Praha. The landing in Prague was the best with the entire flight down. Warm like hell and cheap like nothing before.

Rajrallerajjan ralla, ralj raj rallaaaaaa. FAKK JOOO!!! Jörgen and Peter The Drunk makes sure that the Czech people are getting want drunk crew that arrived to their country. Here on the way back into the plane again for further flight down to Ostrava.


Drunk and fine after some hours at the airport in Praha. The cattle transport moves on. first row, fro left. Matte, Perra, Claesson. Second row, from left: Gabbe, Jörgen and peter The Drunk. The booze started to really kick in and the stewardesses were more than tired of us. But who cares? if people are so stupid that they let professional drunks like us book flights, well then they have themselves to blame!