The Ice Hockey World Championships in Austria. Nine years since last time and the memories that we had from that event promised a lot! Finally getting back into the Tyrol and once again meet old and new friends and drink gallons of beer and Alcohol.
Before the Championships we decided that we once again should get a house car like so many times before and simply relive the old tradition.

The last trip to Austria in 1996 Svea Svin were on location from start to the bitter end when Sweden was kicked out by the USA in the Quarter final.
We came to experience some really great moments during these Championships, wonderful people, decent weather, lots of heavy drinking and we also saw the finnish hockey team, to the enormous joy of the Swedish nation, once again was humiliated like never before.

Patrik thought that he should go down one week before the rest of us and travel together with unknown (however nice) people. He was mumbling to us something about “dropouts”, “sober people”, “You go ahead and see the Championships on TV” and so on. Well, well he took a bus trip down to Innsbruck together with some cool party people from Varberg and surrounding cities.


Border control somewhere in nowhere. Time to show the representatives from this country what kind of drunks that have arrived.

Where the hell is the passport, the boose, the underwear???


Patrik is fooling around during a break in the trip to Innsbruck.

Ladda hem QuickTime player här.


During a break somewhere in Austria.

Patriks hotel room in Innsbruck. You who has met us during earlier years and has seen Patrik “in action” knows that he isn’t exactly the one making the party getting started.
So the others was kind of sceptic when Patrik proudly declared his room “Patriks party palace”. Obviously he thought that it was enough to put up some hockeyjerseys to create party.
We can tell you that his “Party palace” was as well visited as a synagogue in Teheran…


Pre partying and discussing what to do and where to go during the night in Innsbruck.

On the way to the arena in the bus. Beer was consumed and the spinning in the head was to come within short.


Line up together with some local people in Innsbruck.

The Danes are a funny, new group of fans in the hockey family since 2004. These are people that knows how to drink and get drunk during the influence of alcohol! Jocke is impressed by how the Danes are partying.

As said: The Danes are a people consisting of at least as many drunks as the Swedes, which is proved by the clip on the left.

Ladda hem QuickTime player här.


Yogi is having a beer in the sun.

Why, why??? Yogi has borrowed Jockes finnish hockey jersey.

The Slovaks, the country that crushed the finnish kittens during the Championships in Ostrava last year with 5-1 is loading before the game against the US.

Like Polish people during the bad old days it is time to line up and try to get hold of some tickets for the game.


And then start some serious pre partying.

Some people got a little bit to happy with others…


Paaaaartyyyyyy!!!! THE WHOLE TENT IS ON THE FLOOR!

You get a firm grip on the girls head and then you… pain a Swedish flag. Patrik shows how it is done.


Swedish supporters during the game SWE-UKR. Lots of yellow and blue on the ice during that game!

The finns shows good sense of humour and as bad self recognition as they have always had during these competitions. This sign was put up by some finns and we always knows what happened later.
Sweden didn’t turn up in eight position. Neither did finland, but a disgracing seventh position did they get. Are you going to pool B next year or? At least the Swedish nation hopes so.


Johanna is having fund during game break. Drunk and happy!

Jocke and Ela is getting some…

Swedish supporter-lassies is having fun and being drunk.

Danish supporter girls are showing off their best side.


Despite no games being played on the 6:th of may nobody was giving up their drinking. Thanks to the NHL strike there were also lots of Canadian and US supporters. Gee, they could party!


Jocke has gotten contact with a quality supporter inside the tent.