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Articles about and with Svea Svin
Ok, so we claim to dominate during the World Championships in Ice hockey. But how much do we dominate? Here are some truths:
  • No other icehockey fanclub has been seen so much in the newspapers as we have since the Championships in 1994.
  • No other hockey fanclub has been seen so much in the etermedia during the World Championships since 1994
    End of discussion.

Here have we collected some clips form various nexspapers that has written about the swedish fans in general and abut Svea Svin in particular. Since we in Svea Svin is very well seen at the Championships it happens that there is stuff written about us. We will try to update this page as often as possible since new clips tend to show from time to another. Some of the clips here have been translated into English

Do you have a clip like these where we appear, please contact Gabbe!

The logos on the left takes you to the different newspapers.

5 of May. Comment about the alcoholhabits of the Swedish supporters.
Click here for article.
cronacaditrento 26:th of April.
Cronaca di Trento is having a pic of the supporters during one of the games. It is not so clear on the webimage who the different supporters are, but on the original clip it is obvious.
This is the very first proof of the existence of Svea Svin!
Click here for article.
tagblattzuerich 13:th of May
Fredner is drumming at the arena. Click here for article.
Fredner and Teddie dominates the media at the arena.
Click here for pic.
12:th of May
Svea Svin and Ruskiga Röjarna are pre-partying in the beerhall in Lillehammer. Click here for pic.
15 of May.
Bengtsson, Lilleman and Gabbe are cheering inside the arena.
Click here for pic.
1 of May
Fredner on the frontpage. Click here for pic.


5 of May
Gabbe and Johnny on the frontpage. Click here for pic.
Fredner and (becoming Svea Svin-member) #65 Nilses are the main figures when GP shows how fun it is during the World Championships in Ice Hockey.
Click here for pic.
Issue #5, 2000
The newspaper for the Swedish Hockey association of course uses Fredner as an illustration when they are reporting how it went in the tournament.
Click here for pic.
We know it. You know it and also the journalists in Cologne agreed that the swedes are the most beautiful. To illustrate this they are using the Svea Svin member Nilses.
Click here for article. (partially translated)

When Lufthansa shall advertise their competition to win tickets to next years Championships, the choice of pic is natural. Nilses is modelling.
Click here for article.
On the swedish TV-netqork TV 3:s homepage during this Championship they had chosen parts of the swedish supporters as illustration for the e-cards that one could send to friends.
But there were only two supporter-groups that were good enough to use and that was of course Svea Svin and Goa Gubbar from Gothenburg.
Click below to see which club that also dominated the commercial web during this Championship!
  1. A swedish viking. (Nilses) Click for screendump
  2. Happy swedish supporters. (Patrik) Click for screendump
  3. Swedish support in Cologne. (Gabbe) Click for screendump
  4. ...And then the people from the TV3 sent US a card and thanked us!
    Click here for screendump.
Ålandstidningen Gabbe had to, he just HAD to after the game SWE-fin in Hartwall. He put in this editorial in the local paper at the Aland Islands.
Click here to see.
tirologo As always we had to be seen and heard. And of the organised World Championships clubs it was just Svea Svin that took its natural place in the media. The others were having their normal, anonymous behaviour.
Click here for Nilses!


slitzlogoThe swedish quality newspaper Slitz realized that there is only one partycrew for real during the World Championships in Ice Hocye. So they called Gabbe and made an interview with him before the trip to Russia
Click here for the article.