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Here are some of the most common questions that we get and still gets about us and the World Championships in Ice Hockey.

How can I become a member of Svea Svin?
We have some very simple rules for wannabees and they are:
1. You have to live in Sweden
2. You have to be a Swedish supporter.
3. You must have visited at least two World Championships in Ice Hockey. The number of World Championships is not so interesting since it gives you more "cred" if you were in Russia in 2000 than if you have visited finland in 1997/2003 or Sweden in 1995/2002.
We decide from case to case who will and who will not become a member.
4. A wannabee has to be recommended by at least three members of Svea Svin.

Are you only visiting the World Championships in Ice Hockey or do you visit any other events?
Svea Svin is a "club" that has as its main purpose to go to the World Championships. But during the last years we have visited other events to try and find alternatives. Check out the section "Svea Svin is testing" on the indexpage and you will see what we mean.

You are really pompous on your webpage. Why not be more humble?
It is not easy to be humble when you are dominating an event the way we do.

Do one have to drink so much when attending these championships to be accepted by you supporters?
NO!!! Absolutely not. Take our "driver" Patrik for instance that has taken part in lots of Championships together with us and we can report that the centiliters of alcohol that he has been drinking during these are easily counted.
The only thing that counts is that one attends the championships for the sole reason that one wants to have fun. Then HOW one chooses to achieve this is up to each and everyone. The only rules that we in Svea Svin has are: No drugs and no girls underwear on the members (Pernilla and Maria have been excluded from this rule)
These two rules are holy for us, but then how others "salubrate" The world championships in Ice hockey is up to the different persons attending.

It would be fun if you had that or that on your webpage. Why does it take so long time for you guys to publish a report from ---. Bla, bla, bla...
The Svea Svin webpage is made solely by one (1) person - Gabbe. But he is of course always welcoming help in any way. If you would like to contribute to the webpage, please contact us.

Do you have any more questions about us that you want answer to? E-mail us and we will do our best to answer them.